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About Claire

I began my spiritual journey in earnest in 1988 with the encouragement of the wonderful Dallas Psychic,John Catchings. I began studying tarot and astrology and devoted literally thousands of hours in the next years into intense research. I had a deep yearning for knowledge and to get at the roots of our existence.With astrology, I knew at once I was in the right place as it gave me the answers and solutions I had beensearching for my whole life. I was completely fascinated and excited by every minute of it. For me, the study was the most thrilling and enjoyable experience of my life. In 1991, Kim McSherry, of The Houston Institute of Astrology, invited me to join her 1-1/2 year long intensive course of study. I was dazzled and amazed at all that was possible with astrology.

Her study of the mythology and psychology of the planets and their distinct archetypes opened new worlds for me and I realized the priceless gift she had given us all. I then began research on the Black Holes, Uranians and the Asteroids; particularly Chiron. Since then, I have taught astrology, been a radio guest, written for many papers, spoken to groups and worked with countless clients. I am also a trained Master in the use of Essential Oil Therapy and Flower Essences.

I feel honored to help my client's explore their unique individuality and life destiny in a phone session or in person. Through my skill as an astrologer and psychic ability, my goal is to help them discover their bliss; what will most enliven and enrich their lives. I am always available for questions.


Personal Session

Astrology is based on the belief that a soul travels through existence in order to learn specific life lessons necessary to its evolution. Our souls carry love and knowledge gleaned from past carnations into each new life. Astrology is a rich and fascinating symbolic language. It tracks the soul's evolution and bares the mystery of its stunning potential.

The birth chart represents a freeze frame of our planetary positions at birth. It tells the story of our lives and our soul's potential. With each new client I do an in-depth examination of the chart before the session. I use my research of the Black Holes, Asteroids and Uranians in addition to the Planets. From my preparation, I focus on talents and abilities, love and self-mastery in this and other lives. Through astrology we see what conditions may play a role in furthering or blocking creative self- expression; the key to our bliss, and to so much more.

At the session we will share in the discoveries I have made through study and my intuition in the moment with you. We will collaborate to uncover what will bring increased love, joy and serenity to your life and address absolutely anything you wish to discuss.

Last, we cover the current planetary transits and progressions which tell us some of what we can expect about growth and opportunity. In all of this I pledge to do my best to assist you in revealing the mysteries of your life.

Appointments are 60 minutes. Clients are encouraged to record the session.

Relocation Session
I have done immense research in the field of Astrocartography. It is a powerful tool and brings the ability to determine how you relate to new territory. If you are considering a move or you are just curious to know about a different place this is the way to go. We will examine all exciting aspects of your life in a new locale.
Relationships Session
Couples work is often a very beneficial and wise path to take. In it we work to see how two people can best work with the unique energies each bring to the relationship. Every person has their own way of seeing things and dealing with issues. Instead of trying to suppress these ways we aim to accept and accommodate them. Often, I am able to help each embrace their nature and work with creative solutions which will serve the relationship.
Contact Claire at 817-962-7017 or cshepard2011@gmail.com     pureastrology.net